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Webbing Sling

100% high tenacity polyester

Single ply or double ply

With reinforced lifting eyes

Low elongation

Length available:1m to 10m

Safety facto available:5:1, 6:1, 7:1

According to EN 1492-1:2000

    description Maintenance methods and precautions for chain hoists:
    Precautions: Do not use damaged slings. 
    2. During lifting, do not twist or twist the slings. 
    4. Avoid rabbits tearing open the sewing joint or overloading the work. 
    5. When moving the slings, do not drag them. 
    6. Avoid strong or vibrating loads. 
    7. Each sling must be inspected before each use. 
    8. The nylon has inorganic acid resistance, but is susceptible to organic acid damage. 
    9. Suitable for use in places that are most resistant to chemicals. 
    10 Nylon has the ability to withstand inorganic acids and is susceptible to damage from organic acids. 
    11. Nylon can lose up to 15% of its strength when subjected to impact. 
    12. If the suspension is used in situations where it may be contaminated by chemicals or at high temperatures, reference should be sought from the supplier
    Flat sling is a type of lifting sling with a wide and flat shape, usually made of high-strength synthetic fiber material. It has a wide range of uses, mainly including the following aspects:

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