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The difference between monorail crane and electric hoist


The difference between monorail crane and electric hoist


To put it bluntly, a monorail crane is an assembled I-beam track. Usually we also call it a monorail beam crane, and the electric hoist usually needs to be installed on it as a running type, so if they are used together, they are called together. But the difference between them is the difference between a crane and a lifting hoist. They are two different products. They are usually used together as special equipment. Some large cranes require personnel to hold certificates to work.

  1. Adaptation of hoist and track:

The beams of the monorail crane include horizontal, elliptical closed ring tracks, U-shaped tracks, etc. Different steel sections are installed according to the needs of the workshop and hoisting. When choosing a wire electric hoist, you should also pay attention to its driving ability and the steel sections on the single-beam track. Dimensions fit. For example, a 3-ton single-speed wire rope electric hoist requires the use of 20a~45c I-beams, and the model changes depending on the lifting capacity. Of course, if you are using H-shaped steel, you need to communicate in advance when purchasing the hoist, because the hoist sports car needs to be adjusted accordingly for different steel beams, otherwise it will not be installed and the running rails will easily occur.

  1. Turning radius:

Therefore, based on the above requirements, when purchasing an electric hoist, you should pay attention to whether the monorail suspension beam is suitable, and whether there are other situations, you can consult first before determining the final lifting plan. Another important point is that in addition to the type and width of the track, if it is a circular track, it involves the turning radius, or a 3-ton wire rope hoist, the turning radius is 2m/2.5m (in the case of a lifting height of 6m or 9m) ).