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Ratchet hoist for tightening steel strands


Ratchet hoist for tightening steel strands


Lever hoist is a relatively common small lifting equipment. It is also very convenient to use and can be operated in a relatively small space. A ratchet hoist can be used to tighten the steel strand, and the tightening strength can be adjusted as needed.

The ratchet tensioner is a special type of manual hoist. This tractor adopts a ratchet device, which can maintain stable strength during the process of tightening the steel strand. The method of using the ratchet hoist is to hang the hook on the steel strand first, and then the worker needs to pull the handle to complete the tightening operation. This is because when the handle of the manual hoist is pushed forward, the ratchet will automatically lock to avoid slack in the steel strand. If you need to adjust the tightening strength, just pull the handle backward to complete the task.

This manual hoist can be used in different environments, including construction sites, docks, warehouses, etc. WUYI machine manufacturer reminds you to choose a ratchet hoist product of appropriate tonnage when tightening steel strands