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Limiting device of track hand chain hoist


Limiting device of track hand chain hoist


The track hand chain hoist can be used on various steel beam tracks. It can achieve horizontal operation with a crane. It can be operated according to the method during hoisting. However, you need to pay attention to whether the height of the lifting chain reaches the extreme position when pulling the chain, because some relatively basic inverted chain manual hoists can sometimes still pull even if they are pulled to the bottom, but the user does not know, so problems are prone to occur.

The hand chain hoist also has a limit device, which is the position where the other end of the electrophoretic lifting chain is connected to the tail ring frame. When we pull the hoist down to the bottom, it cannot continue to drop when it reaches the maximum length of the chain. This is the tail ring. The frame plays the role of supporting the hoisting. If this accessory is not strong enough or the way to connect the chain links is simple, it will easily fall off, and then the entire chain will fall, causing danger. So it can be regarded as a limiting device. If you are familiar with the disassembly and assembly of hand chain hoists, the tail ring frame is connected to the left and right wall panels through protruding pins. So overall, they work together to fix the chain.


The tail ring frame components of different types of chain hoist are also different. The better tail ring frame has high cast steel strength and uses double insurance to lock it, which is beneficial to its better support and fixation. Electric chain hoists generally have two upper and lower limits, and their functions are the same. Hand-operated hoisting hoists do not require upper limits. They can generally be directly observed due to the lifting height angle during use.