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How to repair and maintain lifting chains


How to repair and maintain lifting chains


Lifting chain is a tool used in many industries now. So after buying a lifting chain, do you know how to maintain it? Then this article will introduce the maintenance methods of lifting chains to ensure that you can use the chains normally.

  1. Regular inspection: We need to regularly check whether the surface of the blackened lifting chain has cracks, deformation or wear. If these problems occur, the chain needs to be replaced in time to avoid failure.


  1. Reasonable use of lifting chains: When we use industrial lifting chains, we must avoid overloading and excessive impact to avoid damage to the chain. We need to know that there are many different models of chains from 3 mm to 32 mm. Different models have different corresponding load-bearing capacities. When we use them, we need to choose the appropriate chain according to the weight of the goods.


  1. Lubricate the chain: During use, the high-temperature-resistant lifting chain needs to be lubricated regularly, which can reduce the friction and wear of the chain. Before lubricating the chain, we need to clean the surface of the high-strength lifting chain, and then apply an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the chain. The selection of this lubricant should also be determined based on the actual situation and specific use environment.

In short, the maintenance of the lifting chain is very important to extend the service life. Through regular inspection, lubrication of the chain, reasonable use of the chain and other methods, the service life of the lifting chain can be extended. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the maintenance work when using it.