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Why are the lengths of double-button flexible slings different?


Why are the lengths of double-button flexible slings different?


Lifting belt is a relatively common lifting tool, mostly used for lifting goods. After purchasing several synthetic fiber slings, some users find that the lengths of the slings are different. So what is the reason for the different lengths of the double-buckle flexible slings?

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The reason why the lengths of the ring slings are different may be caused by different production processes. We also know that there are many sling manufacturers on the market. Different sling manufacturers use different production processes and techniques when producing slings. Raw materials and synthetic fiber lifting belt raw materials also have quality differences, so the length of the produced lifting belts will be different. In addition, the different lengths of the endless lifting belts are also related to the use environment. If users use the lifting belts in different environments, the length of the industrial lifting belts will also change. In a relatively humid environment, the polyester sling will deform due to moisture, resulting in different sling lengths. Furthermore, when used in a high-temperature environment, the eye lifting straps will also deform due to thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in different lengths of the lifting straps.