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What's going on when the lifting chain of the lever hoist is worn?


What's going on when the lifting chain of the lever hoist is worn?


Chain lever hoist is widely used in various industries and is a common lifting tool. However, in the process of using a hand lever hoist, we will encounter wear and tear on the lifting chain. So, what is the reason for the wear and tear on the lifting chain of the hand lever hoist?

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Let’s first understand the working principle of the lifting lever hoist. The mini lever hoist is used to complete operations such as lifting or lowering goods through manual operation, in which the lifting chain plays a key role. Lifting chains are composed of many chain links that are connected together to achieve the lifting function. Due to long-term use and friction, the links on the chain will wear out.


There are many reasons for the wear of the lifting chain of the portable lever hoist. When using the lever hoist, if the goods exceed the rated load, it will cause excessive pressure on the 80-level lifting chain. The 1-ton lever hoist goes When lifting goods greater than 1 ton, the lifting chain will wear out under overload conditions. When using a miniature lever hoist, improper user operation, such as sudden force or frequent shaking, can also cause damage to the blackened lifting chain.


In order to avoid the wear of the lever hoist lifting chain, the lever hoist manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to the weight of the goods not to exceed the rated load of the lever hoist when using it, and to use the lever hoist correctly to avoid malfunctions.