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Ultra-low lifting two ton four meter low headroom electric hoist


Ultra-low lifting two ton four meter low headroom electric hoist


The advantage of chain-type electric hoists compared to wire rope electric hoists is that there are few after-sales problems, whether it is an ultra-low-lift, low-headroom type or a conventional operation type. Because the wire rope is easy to damage, after a certain period of time, it is often necessary to Replace the wire rope, so you need to choose and replace it according to the model.

Therefore, although the wire rope hoist is cheaper, the maintenance cost is relatively high. Therefore, if you use it for a long time, for example, if we need a two-ton low-clearance electric hoist in our factory, you can choose an endless chain. The chain length is three meters or four meters. The price is different, but although we buy it at the beginning, it is more expensive than the steel wire rope. It's expensive, but from a long-term use perspective, there won't be the problem of always replacing the chain.

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If we need a two-ton four-meter low-clearance electric chain hoist, the user is more concerned about the price. Taking this hoist as an example, the factors that affect its price include the following aspects. You can choose according to your actual situation:


  1. Depending on the length of the chain, the price will vary by tens of dollars if it differs by one meter. Therefore, if the length is sufficient and the budget is considered, it is just right.


  1. Single and double chains. For those with a relatively low load like two tons, you can freely choose a single chain electric hoist or a double chain. A single chain is cheaper than a double chain.


  1. Handle. By default, the electric chain hoist is controlled by a wired handle. If you need a wireless remote control, it will cost about 100 yuan more.


  1. For sports cars, you can choose running type or fixed hook type according to your requirements, and the prices are also different.