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The difference between type A and type V hand chain hoists


The difference between type A and type V hand chain hoists


The hand chain hoist is a common lifting equipment that is widely used in various industries and plays an important role. At present, the basic models of chain chain hoists on the market are mainly divided into type A and type V. There are some structural differences between these two products. Here is a detailed introduction to the differences between type A and type V hand chain hoists:

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Let’s take a look at the appearance first: the appearance sign of the HSZ-A type hand chain hoist is similar to a diamond shape, while the appearance of the HSZ-V type hand chain hoist shows a V shape, which can be seen from the shell. differences. V-type hand chain hoists are divided into two types: V-type and V2-type. V-type hand chain hoists use integral bearings, single-chain hand chain hoists use internal hooks, and double-chain hand chain hoists use external hooks. It adopts the guide wheel and guide chain structure, and the exterior wall panel and cover are separated. The V2-type hand chain hoist is based on the V-type. The integral bearing is changed to a steel sleeve type, and the double chain is changed to an internal-hanging hook frame and chain puller structure.


The A-type hand chain hoist combines the outer wall panel and the cover into an integral form. This is different from the V-type hand chain hoist. The triangular hand chain hoist has an integral bearing in the middle and also uses a guide wheel structure. , which facilitates the lifting chain to be used smoothly without jamming. Another type is the A1 type hand chain hoist. The left and right wall panels have the integral bearings replaced with steel sleeves. The other parts are the same as the A type. The load-bearing capacity of A-type and V-type hand chain hoists can reach 100 tons, and they can be used in many fields such as mines and warehouses.


It can be seen that different models of hand chain hoists are also very different, with different appearances and structures. WUYI hand chain hoist manufacturer reminds you that when choosing a hand chain hoist, you should determine which one to use according to your own needs. Types of hand chain hoists.