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The 0-character mark of the corner chain hoist gear


The 0-character mark of the corner chain hoist gear


The transmission gear of the hand chain hoist is divided into two spline gears and one spline gear. There will be a 0 or S mark on the two spline gears. It mainly plays a positioning role, which is convenient during installation and ensures accurate meshing. . For example, as shown in the picture below, the spline gear is also connected to the short shaft, and the spline gear is placed in the middle and connected to the long shaft.

hand chain hoist.jpg

This mark must be installed on the same straight line. When we repair and maintain the manual hoist, if we need to deal with this transmission part, we must abide by this specification. Although the parts of the entire hoist seem to be assembled simply, different materials and designs can give a lifting hoist different performances. In addition, in addition to the gears of the transmission system, the cooperation of the ratchet and pawl of the braking system is also directional. The direction of the ratchet teeth should be counterclockwise, otherwise the pawl will not be stuck and the correct braking effect will not be achieved.


Therefore, if we repair or maintain the hand chain hoist and find that there is a problem with the lifting chain rising or falling or the braking feeling, we must check whether the above two key points are installed correctly. This is an easy mistake when we are not particularly familiar with the structure of the hand chain hoist. . In short, the 0 mark on the transmission plate gear assembly is used to facilitate positioning during installation. This mark cannot be ignored during disassembly and assembly.