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Should the electric hoist track use I-beam or H-beam steel?


Should the electric hoist track use I-beam or H-beam steel?


When choosing a running electric hoist, no matter which manufacturer you buy, you must consider your actual needs and what kind of environment it will be installed in. Whether it is a crane, a gantry crane or a simple rail, you must consider whether to use I-beam or H-beam steel. The two types of rails are slightly different, which may require changes when installing the electric hoist, so this should be confirmed at the time of purchase.

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If you haven’t chosen the right crane or installed rails yet, you may be wondering which of the two types of rails is better? In fact, there is no difference between them. The only difference is that the sports car needs to be adapted. By default, it is adapted to I-beams. If you use H-beams, you need to adjust the wheel angle of the vehicle. Otherwise, the installation will be difficult or the slide rails will run easily.


In addition, the rails are not all straight. Ring rails are often used, so the rails have a turning radius. The running electric chain hoist also needs to adapt to different turning radii, so before installation, you need to consider whether the rails are running. Meets the requirements of a sports car.


The turning radius of sports cars of ten tons and less is approximately within the range of 0.8-2.5m, which can generally meet the needs of most situations. If the actual factory building is smaller than or not within this range, you can also explain to the Chenli electric hoist manufacturer to customize a special turning radius.


In short, any kind of rail can be used. The important thing is that it can be adapted to the electric hoist, run smoothly and smoothly, and be installed correctly.