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How to repair a broken miniature lever hoist?


How to repair a broken miniature lever hoist?


The miniature lever hoist is a tool used to carry and lift goods. However, during use, the lever hoist may malfunction due to long-term use or improper operation. So, when the miniature lever hoist breaks, how should we repair it?

When the 500KG hand lever hoist fails, we need to check the cause of the failure first. The cause of chain lever hoist failure may be due to wear and tear of parts, breakage of the lifting hoist, or other reasons. If parts are worn, we can solve the problem by replacing these parts. After we determine the cause of the failure, we need to repair the lever hoist.


Repairing a portable lever hoist requires some basic tools and skills. We need to prepare wrenches, screwdrivers and other tools. We can gradually disassemble the lever hoist according to its structure and failure reasons. When dismantling the reverse chain lever hoist, we must pay attention to protecting the parts of the lever hoist to avoid damage. The key to repairing a lever hoist is to find the faulty part and repair it. If the fault is caused by a broken lifting chain, then we need to replace it with a new lifting chain of the same specification and model. If there is a problem with the friction plates, we need to replace pairs of friction plates at the same time, not just one friction plate.


After the miniature lever hoist is repaired, we need to conduct a test to determine whether the lever hoist can work normally.