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How much does a 0.75 ton lever hoist cost


How much does a 0.75 ton lever hoist cost


Lever hoists are small in size, easy to use, and simple to operate. They are very popular among people and are used in many industries. They are a relatively common lifting tool. This article will introduce in detail how much a 0.75 ton lever hoist costs and some precautions when purchasing:

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The price of a lever hoist varies depending on the manufacturer, quality and model. Generally speaking, the price of a lever hoist on the market ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan. The quality of raw materials for products produced by small workshops is not good. Close, the production process is simple, and various malfunctions often occur during use of the chain lever hoist produced. Large manufacturers strictly control quality and conduct strict testing in every aspect, including raw material selection, production process, and product quality inspection. In this way, the quality of the miniature lever hoists produced is guaranteed and there will be fewer failures during use.


WUYI machine reminds you that when purchasing, don’t just consider the price, but also make a choice based on the actual situation. The load-bearing capacity of the inverted chain lever hoist ranges from 0.25 tons to 9 tons. You should make an appropriate choice based on the weight of the object being hoisted. , try to choose formal channels to purchase, and after-sales service is also guaranteed. When using the chain lever hoist, you should also pay attention to the surrounding working environment, use the equipment according to the correct operating procedures, and do not use it with overload.


The price of a 0.75 ton lever hoist is related to many factors. When choosing, you should compare products and visit more large manufacturers for inspection. I hope this article will be helpful to you in understanding the lever hoist.