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How long is the chain of a hand chain hoist?


How long is the chain of a hand chain hoist?


The lifting height of the hand chain hoist is 2.5m or 3m, and the chain length can be selected from various types of 3m/6m/9m/12m, depending on your actual requirements. The longer the chain, the price will increase based on the number of meters of chain, so just meet your needs. The lifting chain of the HSZ type hand chain hoist reverse chain is made of g80 grade alloy steel, which complies with production standards and is a Chenli special chain.

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Product packaging includes cartons and wooden boxes. According to the model, cartons are used for products below 5 tons and 6 meters, and wooden boxes are used for products above 5 tons and 6 meters. The surface treatment method of the hoist chain is electrophoresis, which is beautiful and durable, does not come into contact with the lifted object, and is not prone to wear and tear. The lifting chain with the special li mark is evenly stressed and has high verticality.


In addition to choosing the length of the lifting chain, we must also pay attention to rust prevention. If we find that the surface of the chain is stained with oil and looks dirty after receiving the goods, it does not mean that there is a quality problem because it was not packaged well, but to prevent the chain from wearing and rusting before leaving the factory. Painted. Therefore, you should also pay attention to daily maintenance. Although it is difficult to distinguish the electrophoretic chain from the blackened chain, you must know that the electrophoretic chain is more black than the blackened chain, and the surface will be more shiny.


In short, we usually refer to the hand chain hoist chain as the lifting chain. The hand chain hoist does not need to have load-bearing pulling force. It is generally made of galvanized stainless steel. It is just a pull hand chain wheel. The length is generally relatively long, and the purpose is to reverse the chain. When the installation is relatively high, it is convenient for ground personnel to reach it in time.