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Gap adjustment of electric hoist sports car


Gap adjustment of electric hoist sports car


When installing the sports car of the electric hoist, you need to adjust the clearance of the sports car wheel according to the width of the I-beam or H-beam, so it needs to be measured before installation, and then the gaskets on the sports car shaft can be placed accordingly, the number on the left and right sides It should be consistent.

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Because the size of each adjustment washer is the same, measuring the width can more accurately confirm the gap between the wheels.


The specific width adjustment method is as follows, please refer to the product manual for more information:


  1. Please refer to the picture above to adjust the width of the trolley to obtain the appropriate gap.


  1. Dimension "A" is the measurement value when the two side panels are fully stretched outward.


  1. Dimension "A" must be: approximately track flange width (B) + 4mm.


  1. If the appeal size "A" is not reached, the increase or decrease in number shall not be considered


  1. After adjusting the number of washers to obtain the size "A", the cotter pin must be inserted into the shaft-shaped limit pin.


  1. Make sure to bend the two prongs of the cotter pin.


  1. Always keep the nut firmly fixed, insert the cotter pin and bend it completely.


Correct adjustment of the gap can ensure the smooth operation of the chain-type electric hoist on the crane. Otherwise, if it deviates, it will cause running or deflection, which will also lead to unbalanced lifting of heavy objects or even overloading, affecting the progress of the operation and the safety of use.