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Features of 360 degree rotating hand chain hoist


Features of 360 degree rotating hand chain hoist


Inverted chain hoists are used in many industries to perform operations such as lifting and lowering goods. Next we are going to introduce a new type of manual hoist - the 360-degree rotating hand chain hoist:

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The 360-degree manual hoist can rotate 360 ​​degrees, which means that the manual hoist can be used at any angle. It can be used in both horizontal and vertical directions, and can be rotated in different directions such as 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees and 360 degrees. This rotating hand chain hoist is a new device developed and manufactured by the Hanma hand chain hoist manufacturer based on the G-type hand chain hoist. The 360-degree chain rotating hand chain hoist can be used as an upside-down hand chain hoist. In most cases It is used in stage construction and can also be used as a stage chain hoist.


The chain hoist is made of high-strength alloy steel. It has a strong load-bearing capacity and can withstand goods within 50 tons. It is also more convenient to install after purchase. It is designed with high-strength plastic chain guide blocks. , which makes the hand zipper have a strong sense of direction and work more smoothly.