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Can the double chain of hand chain hoist be changed to single chain?


Can the double chain of hand chain hoist be changed to single chain?


Hand chain hoists are used to complete lifting operations by manual operation. They are widely used in industry, construction, logistics and other fields. However, we will encounter some situations when using them, so the double chain of hand chain hoists can be changed to single chain. ? Let us introduce it in detail below:

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Let’s first understand the difference between double chain and single chain hand chain hoists. Double chain hand chain hoists are composed of two lifting chains, which can improve the load-bearing capacity and stability. The double chain design makes the chain hoist strong and reliable during use. The single-chain hand chain hoist is composed of a lifting chain and has a relatively low load-bearing capacity, so it is suitable for some light lifting work. Some people may ask whether a double chain hand chain hoist can be changed into a single chain hand chain hoist? Strictly speaking, this is not allowed. Modifying equipment without permission may cause accidents.


Under normal circumstances, 3-ton hand chain hoists and 5-ton hand chain hoists have double chains. The carrying capacity of hand chain hoists of different tonnages is also different. If the hand chain hoist is modified, one lifting chain is reduced, so the carrying capacity is also It has dropped, and the structure of the triangular hand chain hoist is that the upper hook and the lower hook are on the same line. After incorrect modification, the 2 rows of lifting chains of the hand chain hoist were changed to 1 row, and the upper hook and the lower hook were on the same line. The hooks are not in line. In this case, lifting the goods will be dangerous and accidents may occur.


Therefore, the double-chain hand chain hoist cannot be changed into a single-chain hand chain hoist. The lifting hoist manufacturer reminds you that when choosing a hand chain hoist, you can choose the appropriate hand chain hoist product based on the actual demand and the weight of the goods.